12 December, 2017
TERRA D’ASPRES: el aceite que se puede beber
TERRA D’ASPRES – the olive oil which one can also drink!
The unmistakable taste of the olive oil of the Argudell variety from the centuries-old olive trees in the Empordà region really surprises one. This is the […]
2 February, 2015
procesador alimentos altas presiones en frio
Visit to see high pressure food processing in action
This process prolongs the “sell by date” of liquid and solid products, by preserving the sensory and nutritional quality which is usually reduced with pasteurisation. Hyperbaric […]
8 November, 2014
Feria HORECAEXPO 2014, Bélgica
Time for a new revolution in desserts, Horeca Expo Fair 2014, Ghent, Belgium)
Interesting space promoted by the Fair in collaboration with 6 producer exhibitors as a live demonstration of new tendencies, combining and marrying with presentation material to […]
8 November, 2014
Innovación en el mundo del bocadillo
Innovation in the world of Sandwiches, (Horeca Expo Fair 2014, Ghent, Belgium)
From production and preservation (24 hours), the presentation of ingredients, visible, individual placing which allows the clientele to choose the type of bread, always fresh and […]
8 November, 2014
Nuevas bandejas Gurmet Gastro y Deli
Gourmet astro and Deli Trays + Supports of the 100% Chef Brand
GOURMET GASTRO AND DELI TRAYS + SUPPORTS OF THE 100% CHEF BRAND which have been specially designed for displays or for waiters walking round serving at […]
8 November, 2014
North Sea Chefs Projects
An association of chefs which promotes the use of lesser known fish which is usually thrown back into the sea, with the help of recipes and […]
10 October, 2014
100% Chef en Benelux
100% Chef in the Benelux Market
GastroEuphoria has reached an agreement with a Belgian Company to promote and distribute the brand 100% Chef on the Benelux Market.
9 October, 2014
Gastronomika - Jamonero Climatizado
San Sebastian Gastronomika Congress (6-8 October, 2014)
We highlight the interesting novelties in this Culinary Journey with regard to the 120 sauces from all over the world, the ham knife in stainless steel […]